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    We Incubate and Elevate Stories.

    By and About Real Women.


    Helping women writers perfect, package, pitch, publish and produce.


  • Our Approach to Supporting Women Storytellers



    We'll listen strategically while you share your story. Brainstorming and bonding are the key to success.



    We'll review your project, help you shape your idea and get you set up with what you'll need to move forward.


    We help you find your optimal platform, genre and approach. We know what to do because we've done it.


    Develop and Package

    We'll give you the coaching, collaboration, mentorship and resources you need to elevate and optimize your work.


    From outline to beat sheet to pitch to proposal to connecting you to all the right resources, we will help you get your story told.

  • Who We Are

    We're all about the story.

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    Pamela Weiss

    Founder/Executive & Creative Producer/Screenwriter

    Pamela is an award-winning multi-channel creative writer, producer and story-telling entrepreneur. She’s collaborated with top-flight professionals to shepherd heart-felt, funny and transcendent human stories.

    Pamela has held leadership positions in product development, marketing and strategic business development in the online consumer real estate and media industries, overseeing development of online leasing transaction systems, content partnering, ancillary news products and M&A. She is a former award-winning newspaper editor, designer and journalist. Media and publications she’s worked with include The Boston Globe and The Miami Herald, Knight-Ridder New Media and The Capital-Gazette Publishing Co. She was an original member of the Silicon Valley Mom’s Blog, later acquired by Technorati.

    In addition to serving on the board of directors at LifeMoves.org, Pamela is also on the Bay Area advisory board for CrisisTextLine.org, is a trained volunteer Crisis Counselor and public speaker for the organization.


    Selected Recent Projects:

    Thirsty/Executive Producer: Thirsty, a film from writer/director Emily Abt, follows the
    timely journey of a woman who is deeply torn between career and family, as she strives to become the mayor of multicultural Oakland, California. Starring Sung Kang, Jamie Neumann and Kyra Sedgwick. In post-production.

    The Healdsburg Home of the Terminally Sexy: Screenwriter of a narrative film about a group of friends aging together in place in the fire-ravaged Northern California wine country. In development with Di Novi Pictures and a director attached.

    Pamela received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and her B.S. degree in journalism from the University of Florida.


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    Rebecca Bloom

    Story Producer/Content Developer

    Rebecca Bloom is a writing and storytelling coach, editor and writer.


    Rebecca has devised and led memoirs classes and writers' workshops, helping writers get their stories told. She has also coached writers and speakers in genres including historical fiction, pilots, screenplays, pitches, business, communications and books, Ted Talks and more. She has worked with businesses and nonprofits large and small, strategizing content and tone and creating multi-channel messaging for diverse stakeholders.


    Rebecca has written and edited numerous books including memoirs, cookbooks, workplace manuals and business books and project managed publication for many of her clients.


    A former workplace and benefits attorney, Rebecca has served nonprofits in the education and women's health space her entire career. Her longest and proudest affiliation is with Bay Area Cancer Connections, where she has served as a patient advocate and advisor for women fighting breast and ovarian cancer for over 25 years. She recently signed with an agent for her upcoming book, When Women Get Sick.


    Rebecca received her B.S. in Humanities from Yale University and her J.D. from New York University School of Law.


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    Working Together to Lift Women Creators

  • Selected Projects

    Color of Autumn

    Short Film

    In 1966 Chicago a sheltered Black eight-year-old is blindsided by cruel and casual racism while socializing with the children of her father’s white boss.


    Through the eyes of a grown woman, Color of Autumn retraces the memory of her precocious eight-year-old self, a Black girl who lives with her hardworking but assimilating parents, and her adoring and wise grandmother in a quaint little house on the South Side of Chicago.


    Stay tuned for announcements and visit the Color of Autumn tab on our site.



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    The Understory: A Female Environmentalist in the Land of the Midnight Sun

    We have optioned Schuman's astonishing memoir, and are currently working on a turning into a screenplay.


    InThe Understory: A Female Environmentalist in the Land of the Midnight Sun, passion and peril are intertwined in this true tale of Michelle’s drive to make the natural world a better place; her greatest hindrance was not in physical challenges but in human adversaries.



    Finalist, Overcoming Adversity, Nonfiction - Chanticleer International Book Awards

    Distinguished Favorite, Environment - Independent Book Award




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    Founder Pamela Weiss is an Executive Producer of Thirsty, a film from writer/director Emily Abt.


    THIRSTY follows the timely journey of a woman who is deeply torn between career and family, as she strives to become the mayor of diverse and multicultural Oakland, California.


    The story is acutely relevant today because working mothers have disproportionately borne the brunt of the pandemic. In fact, 3.5 million mothers have left the workforce since the pandemic began. A stated goal of writer/director Emily Abt is to embolden women to strive for their professional actualization against the odds and expand our collective notion of what a leader looks like.


    As Abt says, more we see women and people of color in positions of political leadership, the more we normalize it.





  • Writers We Work With

    Here are some of the remarkable women we're nurturing.

    It's our honor, joy and mission to help bring their work into the light.

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    Constance Nicole Frierson


    As a lover of literature and history, I've always been fascinated by my favorite authors and their writing process. One day I hope to visit the locations where they lived, socialized, and authored the stories that still live on. I imagine what it must have felt like when some of them gathered and shared lively conversations about living and writing.


    In my work with Color of Autumn and my upcoming novel, The House on Union Street, Rebecca and Pamela give me the support and discipline I need to sustain a writing schedule and a creative presence. I am so grateful.

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    Michelle E. Schuman


    It has been a lifelong dream to find accomplished, true spirits in the world of writing. That is Rebecca and Pamela. They are that dream. They encapsulate the expertise in the world of writing, editing and publishing; to nurture when needed, but to critique when required. Rebecca doesn’t choose the path for her writer to take, she guides a writer to find their own path. After her help with The Understory, Pamela has jumped in as an expert advisor, guide and collaborator who will be instrumental in getting this story to the screen.

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    Frances Denny

    Frances F. Denny is an internationally exhibited photo-based artist, editorial photographer, and writer whose work investigates female identities. Frances is the author of two books, Let Virtue Be Your Guide (Radius Books, 2016) and Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2020). She is the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts 2016 Fellowship in Photography, and has won numerous awards, including PDN’s 30. She received an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.


    Frances calls Rebecca "a dream writing coach. From screenplays to picture books, she can advise across many disciplines. She is a wonderful sounding-board and idea-generator. I've felt so supported by her!"


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